There are eight conference rooms to choose from at The Elephant Hills, ranging in size from 14 to 500 people. At the top of the scale is the Kalala Room which can comfortably accommodate 500 people. The room has modern audio and video equipment and a spacious stage area. At the small end of the spectrum  there are breakaway and boardrooms set away from the main conferencing when privacy and seclusion are required.

Elephant Hills Conferences
The following standard equipment and services is available on request for your function:
  Elephant-Hills-Bullet.png (3 KB) Flip charts
Elephant-Hills-Bullet.png (3 KB) Overhead projectors
Elephant-Hills-Bullet.png (3 KB) White boards and markers
Elephant-Hills-Bullet.png (3 KB) Message boards
Elephant-Hills-Bullet.png (3 KB) Portable Television and VCR/DVD
Elephant-Hills-Bullet.png (3 KB) Dedicated registration and break away area
Elephant-Hills-Bullet.png (3 KB) Teas, lunch packages or special dining arrangements
Elephant-Hills-Bullet.png (3 KB) Partner programmes can be tailored to meet specific requirements

  We are also able to provide tailor made  functions and activities to enhance your event, such as:  
  Elephant-Hills-Bullet.png (3 KB) Bush dinners
Elephant-Hills-Bullet.png (3 KB) Gala dinners
Elephant-Hills-Bullet.png (3 KB) Conference cruises
Elephant-Hills-Bullet.png (3 KB) Social responsibilty activities such as hut buidling
Elephant-Hills-Bullet.png (3 KB) Wildlife interactions