Elephant Hills Hotel

Your guide to visiting Victoria Falls

Top things to know when travelling to Victoria Falls


  • Crime: Victoria Falls is a very safe tourist destination and there have been no serious security issues for many years. The small population is almost exclusively reliant on tourism in one form or another for  income. However, Zimbabwe is a poor country and we recommend that guests be vigilant and avoid creating temptation. Keep your valuables and excess cash in a lock up safe as petty theft can occur.
  • The Victoria Falls Tourism Police: Guests security is taken very seriously in Victoria Falls. The Victoria Falls Tourism Police circulate in town between 9 am and 7 pm. They are a friendly presence who are there to assist visitors in any way - whether to ask for directions, or ward off persistent curio sellers.
  • Street sellers: Do not buy activities via a random street vendor. Rather pre purchase your activities, use the activity centre at the resort or use one of the larger reputable companies to make your bookings.
  • Wildlife: Victoria Falls lies within a National Park and you may come across a variety of free roaming wildlife whilst walking the streets, particularly warthogs and baboons. It is not uncommon for elephant to roam the streets so avoid walking the residential streets at night, rather arrange a transfer or catch a cab. They may even occur in the bush on the routes from The Victoria Falls Hotel to the entrance of the rainforest. Please do not ever approach them. If you come across them back off quietly and move out of their direct path


  • Malaria: Victoria Falls lies within a malaria area and we highly recommend you consult with a doctor prior to your arrival to get a malaria prophylactic. In addition, cover up at night, sleep under mosquito nets and spray yourself with insect repellent.
  • The African sun: The heat here may be underestimated by those coming from colder countries. Please take suitable precautions by wearing a good sun hat, using high factor sun screen and keeping hydrated.
  • Water: Locals drink the water from the tap and brush their teeth with it but to be safe drink only bottled water.

Money matters
  • Cash: Foreign currencies are no longer acceptable as legal tender in Zimbabwe,  the Zimbabwe dollar is now the only acceptable medium of exchange for local transactions.
  • ATM's: It is highly recommended to pre purchase the essentials that make up your trip so that you do not have to carry large amounts of cash with you. Which brings you to the next point...
    Credit card: After the cash crisis credit card payments are accepted almost everywhere other than perhaps small vendors. Visa and MasterCard are the main cards accepted and are the cards accepted at The Elephant Hills.

The Victoria Falls Rainforest

The Kingdom Hotel is in walking distance of the entrance to the Victoria Falls rainforest. If you come from colder climes and are not used to hot weather then the getting there on foot may be more than you are used to. In this case pre-arrange a Victoria Falls tour or catch a cab to the rainforest entrance.

Entrance fees (Zimbabwe)*

International visitors: US30 (Adult) US$10 (child)
Regional ( SADC countries ) visitors: US$ 20 (Adult) US$8 (child) 

Please note these costs are for a single entry only but you can stay within the rainforest for as long as you like within a single day.
You can use cash (USD is best, but ZAR and other major currencies are accepted) or credit card to enter the Falls from the Zimbabwe side. Please take your passport with you if you are a local or regional visitor otherwise you will be charged the international rate.
*Entrance fees are subject to change.

When the Falls are high you will get VERY WET! Take measures to protect your camera and other valuable items and dress accordingly. If you are on a guided tour a poncho will be provided, but if there is lots of water going over the Falls, you can expect to get wet right through this. Ponchos and umbrellas can be hired if you are a walk-in visitor.

Duty free allowances

Please visit the Zimbabwe revenue authority website for the latest on duty free allowances.

Visas and Passports

Zimbabwe has three categories of visas. 

Category A: Countries who do not require a visa to enter Zimbabwe
Category B: Countries who require visas to enter Zimbabwe and who can obtain them on arrival.
Category C: Countries who require visas to enter Zimbabwe and who must obtain them before arrival.
Please go to the  Zimbabwe evisa page for thorough and updated information

Passports: Please make sure that you have at least two blank pages in your passport and that it is valid for at least 6 months.